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Time of passing

When it comes to the time for our animal companions to pass from their physical bodies communicating with them can help you understand how they are truly feeling.  It gives the opportunity to share anything you wish with them and they with you.  It can help you understand if they feel ready to transition and to ask them any questions you have about their wishes.

It is also possible to connect with the animal once they are in spirit.  When my beloved cat Louis passed I experienced first hand the comfort that a connection in spirit could bring and how it could help with the grieving process.  A communication in spirit can be the opportunity to say things that you feel you didn’t get the chance to say.  It can be particularly helpful when the loss has been sudden or unexpected.

During this time Reiki healing can help support you both.  It can help ease the animal’s transition and can help you with emotional balance and clarity of mind, so you to feel more able to cope with what is happening.

For reasons of sensitivity I have chosen not to include a case study for this area. I am very happy to discuss this further on a one to one basis if you have any questions.